Orthoptic examination

The orthoptic examination is performed by a professional with a degree in orthotics and is recommended by the ophthalmologist when, during an examination, strabismus or a problem related to the functionality of the extraocular muscles is detected.

Then the orthoptist, with absolutely painless and non-invasive procedures, assesses the functionality of the extraocular muscles in the individual movements and combined eye movements, checking if there is or not a normal cooperation between the two eyes (as in the case of amblyopia – aka lazy eye – or diplopia – aka double vision).

More specifically, we will evaluate the functionality of the muscles of both the single eye and binocular vision, convergence, checking for the presence of any abnormal positions of the head and nystagmus;

If the orthoptist deems it appropriate, he will consider, together with the ophthalmologist, the advisability to plan a vision rehabilitation therapy for the eye with visual impairment.