Laser for refractive surgery

Laser Schwind Amaris 500E




The Schwind Amaris 500E is the world's most high-tech LASER I love. This is confirmed by all doctors who have and practice refractive devices in all ophthalmology centers.


The laser corrects vision defects: Myopia in the range of -0.50 to -12.00 diopters. Hypermetropia +0.50 to +6.00 spherical diopters and Astigmatism 0.50 to 5.00 cylindrical diopters.


The laser we have created in terms of increasing the assurance of procedures thanks to:

  • Greater stability of LASER energy than other lasers.
  • Maximum photoablation perfection (photoablation motif is based on fractals).
  • The close connection of the parameters related to the refraction anomaly that is corrected.
  • Maximum precision of localization of laser pulses following pupils and small eye movements of patients.
  • Adjustments and calibration of very precise, computerized and limited laser beams.


-greater successful laser stability than other lasers the greatest perfection of the first photoablation closer relationship between the given parameters and the visual defect treated greater accuracy in the localization of laser pulses behind the pupil and micromovements of the patient's eyeball highly accurate computerized adjustment and calibration and concentration of laser beams


Technical data:

  • 193 nm ArF excimer laser
  • Beam profile diameter: 0.54 mm, super-gaussian profile
  • Frequency 500 Hz
  • Ablation Time 2.0 s/D (per 6 mm optical area)
  • Precision moving beam with automatic radiant flux control system.
  • Eye tracker 5D (in 5 planes) 1050 Hz, response time 3 ms
  • Types of procedures PRK, TransPRK, LASEK, LASIK, FemtoLASIK, PTK
  • 17″ TFT screen Displays the Eye-Tracker image and the microscope image.
  • Options PresbyMax Module, Ocular Cyclotorsion Module
  • Dimensions 226.5cm x 148.6cm x 76cm
  • Weight 350 kg
  • The Schwind AMARIS laser is indicated for non-contact refractive body (transPRK).
  • Range of model bugs fixed
  • Myopia (-12D); Hypermetropia (+6D); Astigmatism (+/- 5D) and Presbyopia.
  • Miopi (-12D); Hipermetropia (+6D); Astigmatizmi (+/- 5D) dhe Presbiopia.



Laser femtosecond Femto LDV (Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems Group)



Laser FemtoZ6


The femtosecond laser in refractive surgery makes possible, realizes, the creation of a corneal flap (petal) without detaching from the cornea, allowing the precise planning of the shape, depth and attachment point of the flap (petal) with high precision (+/ - 10 µm). This flap reveals the central area of ​​the cornea, where the laser will work and is restored at the end of the operation. The precision of the petal makes it easy to lift, apply and reposition at the end of the laser treatment. This procedure completely eliminates postoperative pain.


The indisputable advantage of using the femtosecond laser is to reduce the thickness of the flaps even to 100 microns, which saves the corneal tissue. Thanks to such savings, it is possible to correct a larger range of defects, even beyond -10.00 D. In addition, the thickness of the prepared corneal cover is the same over the entire surface, unlike mechanical microkeratomes, where the lembua (petal) is slightly thinner in the center and thicker at the periphery.


The FEMTO LDV Z6 PowerPlus laser is a compact and portable femtosecond surgical laser. This allows you to perform the following treatments:

  • FemtoLASIK creating a corneal flap with smooth edges.
  • Lamellar corneal transplant (layered)
  • Creation of intracorneal tunnels (for placement of half-rings) and intracorneal pockets (removal of inserts)


Worldwide, the femtosecond laser is successfully replacing manual microkeratomes, over which it has the advantage of being precise and less invasive. With the precision of the laser, the possibility of complications resulting from the limited predictability and repeatability of manual production of tissue scraps is also reduced. This guarantees greater reliability of the method and better final results.


The Femto Z6 laser performs photoablation in both the X and Y planes. Pulse duration 200-300 fs; wavelength 1040-1060 nm, beam size < 1 µm. This laser uses higher frequency pulses with a smaller beam size. When performing a flap (lembo) of the cornea, it is necessary to use a ring to flatten the cornea and negative pressure.

The laser requires constant temperature and humidity conditions in the room.


Technical data:

  • Dimensions: Floor: 101cm (L) x 70cm (W) | Height (on articulated arm): 100cm | Height (on screen): 139 cm
  • Weight: 215 kg
  • Operating temperature: 20°C to 30°C
  • Electrical data: 230-2040V, 50-60Hz, 700VA
  • Laser type and mode: Yb diode-pumped unamplified femtosecond mode oscillator
  • Repetition frequency: > 1 MHz
  • Pulse duration: 200 - 350 fs
  • Wavelength: 1020 - 1060 nm
  • Refractive procedures: femtoLASIK, intracorneal ring implants
  • Working conditions: Ambient temperature 20 - 30°C; Humidity < 70%