The eye ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves.

Ocular ultrasound is most commonly used to measure the eye’s axial length prior to cataract surgery. This measurement helps the cataract surgeon determine the best intraocular lens power and type for that particular eye. This type of eye ultrasound is called A-scan

Ocular ultrasound is also used to exam the inside of the eye, especially when the doctor’s view is blocked by an opacity like a damaged cornea, a thick cataract or a hemorrhage inside the eye. This type of eye ultrasound is called B-scan.

The patient  will be asked to close your eyes. A small amount of water-based jelly will be placed on your eyelid and a transducer with an eye cup on the end will be placed over the eye. During the test, the technician may ask you to move your eye to different positions to get different ultrasound angles.. The technician will remove the jelly from your eye or eyes when the test is finished.